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Complete Private Pilot DVD Course is the single most comprehensive flight training system ever developed for both UK and US pilots covering helicoper and fixed wing jets.

Listen carefully: If you're looking to get an edge in flight school or you're planning to learn how to fly, look no further. Complete Private Pilot DVD course provides you with over 2 hours of video training and 2000+ illustrated pages of private pilot manuals, handbooks, guides, exam tests and more...

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" This Course Will Set A New
Standard In The Field... "

private pilot manual test training"I've read numerous books on the subject of flight instruction, and this is clearly the best that is on the market in every respect.

This is the first course to provide the prospective or current student pilot a true "real world" perspective of what learning to fly is really all about.

The intuitive approach... combined with the crystal clear video explainations and difficult concepts, and literally the best illustrations and diagrams I have ever seen, serves to set this 2 DVD flight course apart from all others. This course will set a new standard in the field.

Michael Cruz
Flight Instructor, L-39 type rating
Everett, MA

" The Way It Ought To Have
Been Taught All Along!

helicopter flight school pilot training"Hi I'm a good helicopter pilot and I thought I had good instructions. But this course syllabus contains a lot of stuff I simply hadn't learned!

This is the way it ought to have been taught all along. Makes me wish I didn't have this day job so I could fly more often!

It's an excellent investment for pilots or anyone interested in aviation. I would loved to have had these DVDs when I was deciding to become a pilot.

Kurt Mueller
Certified Helicopter Pilot
Durham, UK

" Fresh, Thoughtful, Invaluable... "

aviation training private pilot dvd testimonials"I've had the pleasure of working with Bruce on my private pilot test.

Bruce Hogan has not just the write stuff, but he's a foremost expert at interactive education - a powerful and rare combination when it comes to aviation instruction.

This course is long on invaluable insight for the person seriously considering learning to fly.... a fresh, thoughtful and complete view into the challenges and rewards on the path to becoming a pilot. The value of this course will continue for new pilots as a favorite reference and resource for years to come.

Bruce's private pilot course is one of the best aviation investments you can make.

Graeme Beaver
Reader's Digest - Executive Editor
CPA, Private Pilot
Compton, CA

" A Must For Future Aviators! "

complete private pilot dvd testimonials"Forget Jeppesen or Kings School, Bruce's complete private pilot course will blow these courses away!

Clear, concise, and graphically superior to any other book or DVD on the market (and I have most of them). I am a commercial pilot working on my CFI and have found it even more useful the second time reading it. This ought to be the leading text for private pilots in the industry.

A must for a future Aviator!

Dr. Richard Ellis
SAE S-7 Committee
ATP Single & Multi Engine, CFI Single and Multi Engine, Instrument Airplane
Lancashire, UK

"An Outstanding Resource!"

complete private pilot aviation school" I've had my hands on many textbooks on different subjects, but this is one of the best I've ever seen. The full color photos and illustrations are very well done and relevant.

The PPL training content is thorough, but they also include little one page articles covering tidbits of aviation trivia and history that are entertaining. It's the kind of book that you pick up to read a specific topic, but continue to read about other things that caught your eye along the way. An outstanding resource for anyone interested in getting a pilot's license"!

John Rafferty
Student Pilot, Career Firefighter
Southside, AL

"Excellent Preparation For
Pilots & Students..."

complete private pilot dvd testimonials"I am a professional airline pilot, and log virtually all of my time in large, turbojet aircraft. I am also a current CFI, although I don't frequently exercise my Instructor privileges in single engine aircraft.

Not long ago I was approached to assist in teaching a Private Pilot ground school. The selected materials for the course was the "Complete Private Pilot Course" by Bruce Hogan, and I must say that I was very impressed with the course.

It is very complete and provides easy to comprehend explanations (normally with useful diagrams, charts, or photographs) that make learning relatively painless. I highly recommend this course to any Private Pilot or Private Pilot candidate, or to any advanced pilot as a refresher of the basics.

Dr. Chris Kleinert
Aviation Consultant
Charleston, S

" Worth Every Cent.
Best Pilot DVDs I've Ever Seen.

faa pilot manuals tests exam groundschool" The Complete Private Pilot training course is fantastic. The Private Pilot Ground School manuals are packed with useful and important information, like several of the FAA publications put together but more graphic intensive and a bit easier to read.

Each section ends with a summary and a list of key terms, as well as questions to help you burn the knowledge better into your mind.

A fantastic product, definitely one that every pilot or aspiring pilot should own. It is a "steal" at the price Bruce is offering!

Cindy Thelin
New York, NY

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